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My goal in practice is to continually improve both my clinical skills and learning, in the efforts to give the best possible vision care.

Having personally witnessed my mother’s glaucoma condition, I have learned to understand contrast loss and how it has affected her driving. Having that experience and concern for her vision in mind, I practice in a manner to avoid such losses for our patients. By being thorough, and using scanning lasers, retinal cameras, and other digital technologies,  many of these conditions can be detected or predicted and treated before permanently damaging vision.  In this hurried world, being thorough is crucial to assure good and safe vision.

As an independent practitioners, we are not ‘tied’ to any one supplier or corporate structure. Over the years, I have discovered that is what patients appreciate. Although we offer value-added products for our patients, we are not about price, as often such advertisements are misleading.

As the population’s needs will change so too will we adapt. The Ontario Ministry of Health is in the final reading of passing therapeutic drug laws, legislating Optometrists in treating eye diseases. I have already completed the requirements set out by our College, and attend Continuing Education courses regularly.

With the use of the internet, we have great opportunities to educate and communicate with our patients. We look forward to your feedback. Feel free to add any personal comments and I will be happy to reply.                                                 

Dr. Morris Hazan


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About my passion: OPTOMETRY

Welcome to our clinic. We hope you will enjoy this website and find it informative. I have tried to give you the public a taste of what our practice has to offer. I am very proud of having associated with Dr. Kronick, having  served the people of Hawkesbury and its surroundings for over 55 years.

Dr. Morris Hazan, Optometrist

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